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Nearly GIP!

I give up. Icon's as done as it's going to get, so here it is. I wish I could put my finger on what still bothers me about it (Kaidoh's head's shape?), but I can't so we'll just smile and nod and call it finished.

...wait, ugh. Is it "Kaidoh" or "Kaidou"? I was using to get my spellings of the names, but I'm seeing it with -dou in other places, and honestly -dou looks more Japanese... I must have seen it in subtitles in the 90-something eps I watched, why didn't I pay attention then?

Anyway, the non-GIP, non-TeniPuri part of this post: I get annoyed at vegetarians who are all preachy and righteous and PETA-ish, but I have to admit to snickering at the news story about Mad Cow Disease being in the US now. Then I felt bad about snickering, because they might have to kill off herds and herds of cows to try to keep it contained (which is a lot worse than killing them for food). I'd rather animals not be killed at all, period, but if they have to be killed, at least it should be for people who are comfortable with that to eat. But still... Ha ha! I won't get holes in my brain and you might!

;) Kidding, kidding, I love all of your brains just the way they are. Please stay brain hole-free, my friends!

ETA: Talking about holes in the brain... A typo in the icon's text. (Fixed now.) Ugh. Shoot me now! (Or shoot Fred_Barney for not telling me when I asked her opinion of it!)
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