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Today I became a bukkake star...

I made the mistake of trying to do a little quick grocery shopping at lunch today (ha ha ha, I'm stupid, yes). Since I needed to get both a holiday card and gift certificates for co-worker (plus I needed food for myself as well), I had to go. (The supermarket near me sells all sorts of gift certificates -- for places like Borders and Blockbusters and all those places. It's handy.)

So there I was, attempting not to glare and growl as I'm standing in front of the dairy case, totally blocked in by carts. A woman reaches for a half gallon of milk, and in doing so knocks another half gallon off the shelf.


It hits the floor and explodes. A wave of white milk flies straight at me. Splashes all over me. In my hair, on my face, on my shirt, and my pants are currently soaked with it.

There I stood, torn between yelling and giggling. Giggling won out, and now a store full of people think I'm insane.

It's a Japanese porn thing. A woman sits in a circle of men, and they all jerk off onto her face and into her hair. It's becoming popular here in America now, too. I really don't know why.

ETA: I love it when these make sense.

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close to here at all
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