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Merry Christmas, folks!

Merry Christmas to those who follow that, Happy Thursday to everyone else!

I spent the morning opening boxes and unwrapping gifts. My family (mother and sister) went way overboard and shipped *six* boxes of gifts to me! Ack! Since I don't need anything and want very little, they really sent too much. :) I always feel guilty about making them shop for me -- not just because they spend too much money, but because I'm a really, really sucky person to shop for.

Her: "Hey, Thistle, I'm doing Christmas shopping today, what do you want?"
Me: "Oh, nothing. I really have enough. But thanks!"

Her: "Hey, what do you want this year?"
Me: "No, nothing, I don't really need anything! Don't worry about it!"

Which makes for a challenge for them to find things for me. Understandable, but I was serious! But they found me nice things anyway, lots of kitchen stuff.

And the odd, ill-timed things they sent? I have only myself to blame. Years and years ago I liked Pokemon, but my family doesn't really know I don't like it anymore, so I cringed as I opened packs Pokemon cards. *snicker*. And I got some Harry Potter stuff... but all Gryffindor! Snerk. I have a wall plaque to welcome people to the Gryffindor house. Eek!

Best of all, they sent gifts for my cat, which made me quite happy. She, however, thinks the boxes are the greatest gifts of all. Hee. Oh, and my sister sent me an old fashioned stovetop popcorn maker (you have to turn a handle as it cooks to stir it all around!). That's cool. I used it this morning -- it makes enough popcorn to feed an army! I ate maybe a tenth of what it produced and I'm stuffed.

Oh, and marzipan! MMMMMMMM. As far as I can tell, it's not sold out here on the west coast. The only time I get any is when my mother sends it in my Christmas boxes. Man, there is no better food on Earth than marzipan. Mmm. Think I'll have more now!

An odd thing happened last night and this morning: Church bells rung! 11:30 PM last night and about 7:30 this morning. I don't think we even have a church around here and I never heard them any other year. I'm afraid god is trying to send me some sort of message... or perhaps he's trying to keep me awake, one of the two.

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