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Series Rec: Someday's Dreamer

Though I'm not too far into the series yet (which contains 12 eps so far), I'm really enjoying it. The story is both interesting and sweet:

Set in the Japan of today, there are a few humans who can do magic (mages). One young girl is sent by her famous mage mother to be taught to use her magic. She's very shy and unsure of herself (alone in the city for the first time), but her teacher is nice (and I'd put money on gay). However, even though the male teacher and one of his male former students clearly have something going on, that's really not the focus of the story. It does lead to some interesting conversations though...

The men walk around shirtless. A lot. (This is the teacher.)

This is the former student (or that's what I believe he is). Whatever, he currently works for the teacher. They run a nightclub -- Salsa dancing, foofoo drinks, all that. Snicker.

When our main character arrives, this is one of the first sight she sees:

Clearly she is no anime fangirl:

Nope, nothing going on here...

The main character has very odd hair:

The funny thing is, as I was watching the first ep and saw the first guy topless, I said to myself 'Isn't it nice to see a series where the men actually have nipples', then a moment later the "Owner! Your nipples are fully exposed!" scene started. Snicker.

ETA: I got distracted and forgot to add the other parts I was thinking about: The series is especially cool in that you get a look at what modern Japanese cities are like, shops and streets and such. Plus the music is nice (if nothing overly special yet), but the animation is really pretty. If you get a chance to see it, I'd recommend it!
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