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Someday's Dreamer/Harry Potter, T_M bitching, Whistle!, DIE ANTS DIE

In the subject line's order:

I wish there was something other than crap on TV. After reading subtitles for a whole day, I don't have the concentration to keep up with them all night. (Hate having to pause it so I can read.)

Watched 10 or so Whistle! eps (up to 20 now). Watched a handful more of Someday's Dreamer. Watched Bend It like Beckham (loved it). Watched a few other assorted eps of things.

Someday's Dreamer makes me think of the Harry Potter world a lot. As in HP, there are just a handful of people out of the whole population who can do magic, but unlike HP, the world at large knows about them and regulates the hell out of them. (A mage in the SD world cannot use their magic at all unless there's an "official request" and paperwork in triplicate. An official request means someone went to the government and filled out a request form, then the request gets investigated, then the form approved or not.) In one ep a mage spilled a little ice cream on her dress, and had to excuse herself from the other mages to go to the bathroom to clean it up. This same mage has enough magical powers to lift dozens of cars into the air at once; I was almost head-desking over her using soap and water to clean it up.

In exchange for all the run-around and restrictions on using their magic, the mages are recognized as humans and given human rights and such. It's an interesting and odd situation.


theatrical_muse disappoints me a lot. The people "running" it seem afraid of really running it. (When I asked if we had to write in first or third person, they said "the rule is you have to write in first person, but it's not like we can really enforce that!". BUH?) They really should *require* header information in the drabbles. What is the argument against them? A few extra words added to each post? When there are so many themes included in this spamfest?

My bigger wall with T_M is how the heck to write for the challenges. (And this isn't just because I'm writing for a stupid animal.) This week's challenge: "New Year's Resolutions". So many of the characters should have no idea what those are. Alien species, humans from the future, anime characters, etc. I wish the challenges would be easier for all characters to write for. (Yes, I know the Star Trek dog and HP cat handled these challenges just fine, but they're also writing them with human-level intelligence and communication ability. I'd rather write Ed true to character...)

Writing-wise, I'm just in a grumpy mood. Maybe I'll draw something instead...


I really, really like Whistle!. I don't know what the people who gave it a bad review were watching, but it couldn't have been the right series. I love Fuwa. I love his expressions, and his confusion with humanity in general. I should get a screenshot of him to add to the collection (I put Whistle! screenshots up on the anime screenshot page without posting them here first). I can't believe I almost cried over an opposing team losing to them. (They were third-years, so this was their last chance to play soccer! And they weren't natural superstars, but they tried so hard, didn't cheat, and had a strategy which fit their skills!) It's so nice that the characters have to try *so hard* -- none of them are natural-born superstars. I'll be sad when the series is finished (I'll likely wrap it up this weekend).

Between finishing Whistle! and probably Someday's Dreamer as well this weekend, I'll have nothing left to watch. Bah.

Oh, and I tracked down and downloaded Wild Striker, another soccer anime series which the reviewers who didn't like Whistle! said was better. Though I've only watched one ep of it so far, I'd say it's *no where near* better. It's hardly even up to 'good' (though it's hard to tell based on only one ep).


I like animals and don't want to hurt them, but if I had a mini-flamethrower, I would burn every single damned ant in my apartment. I found TWO of them on my desk so far today! Arg! I HATE ANTS! Welcome to California: In the summer the ants come in to look for water. In the winter they come in to escape all the rain. Die die die, ants! I hate you! Get out of my apartment!

(I can't believe the LJ spellchecker doesn't recognize "mage" as a word...)
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