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Stop! In the name of love!

No, wait, that's not right...

How about: Stop! In the name of Windows errors that even Microsoft doesn't know the meaning of!

Yes, I know bitching about Microsoft is about the same as beating a flute made from a million year old horse bone, but really. How can anyone write code and have it output errors that you, the code-writer, do not know the meaning of? That's just insane.

About five hours ago I was sitting here, happily watching anime. One ep ended, so I tried to play the next. Windows Media Player gave me an error. Buh? Same file types, same download source, same everything. Retry it. Same error. Retry it many times = same error each time. Reboot. Uh oh. More errors. Folders won't open, won't display files within. Reboot about 20 times in the space of an hour. Finally get Windows back to semi-stable, or at least as stable as XP ever gets (read: NOT VERY). Google the error number, search Microsoft's site on it. Microsoft says only one thing, nothing more: it's a "general error type". Wow, thanks! That helps a whole lot!

Check Google; apparently it's because XP and WMP9 do not get along well. (Thanks XP!) It's now been five and and a half hours of me working on this. Downloaded enough codec's to ... um, do something you need a whole lot of codec's to do. Reinstalled a bunch of things. Re-downloaded the files. Nothing works.

Finally I tried using my (sucky) player that works on files nothing else wants to open: VCL (Video LAN Client). That sort of works, though it's crashing every 2-3 minutes of video play.

Le sigh.
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