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Someday's Dreamers

Spoilers behind the cut, anything outside is okay.

Even when I love a new series, there're always one or two little things about it that I don't like. That wasn't the case for Someday's Dreamers; if I had to name one fault with it, I couldn't. Even its really short length (only 12 eps) fit in the end.

I'm either a big, honking girly girl, or I'm totally PMSing -- whichever reason, I cried for the entire last two eps. (But gah! Killing a cat in the storyline? That's just a low blow if you want to get tears from me. *sniff*)

It was very interesting and odd how mages and magic were handled. I kept crying out and beating my chest at the massive restrictions they had on them. What's the point in having magic if you can't use it? Especially when it's important? (Like when Yume ran off and everyone was looking for her.) But I suspect that magic was symbolic for something else, and that this was the Japanese way of dealing with that thing. (I'm thinking magic = emotions? You have to restrict them and show them at only certain approved times?) Either way, it was interesting.

I was really worried that Oyamada might get mad about the final test/spell she cast on him, but it might just be that I wasn't understanding how exactly the magic of that world works. I wonder if Yume controlled the content and "storyline" of what he saw, or if somehow the magic let *him* direct how things went... or perhaps even the dead woman directed it (though that seems most unlikely of the three). If he hadn't been ready to heal and move on, I'd think that maybe he would have been angry that Yume butted into his life/feelings. Edited to add: I know she wanted him to feel better and to stop living in the past, and I bet she wanted him to see his dead (wife? girl friend?) again but I'm wondering if she dictated every word that came out of the dead woman's mouth or not. Since she didn't know the last words, I'm suspecting maybe she did...

Oh, and I was totally wrong with the screenshots too, wasn't I? Heh. So what was with Oyamada's comment about wanting to teach cute boys, too? I suppose it was innocent and to be taken at face value... Hm.

The music was beautiful -- it still surprises non-music-lover me how music can really make or break a series. The animation was wonderful and totally enjoyable. I'm amazed just how good the characterization and storylines could be in just 12 short eps; people grew and changed, but it never felt rushed or forced.

Oh, and the files are called "Someday's Dreamer", but the title screens show "Someday's Dreamers", so I suspect that 'dreamers' is the correct version, though I called it 'dreamer' in my previous posts about it.

And now I have a headache from crying too much, but boy was that a good series. :)
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