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It was a dark and stormy morning...

Big storm moved in overnight. Lots of rain (my poor plants, which usually lack for water all year, are currently three inches deep in it!), but the wind is the most amazing. Gusts of 50 MPH! Was very cool, wish I didn't have to be at work and away from any and all windows.

When on vacations or long weekends, I try not to let my sleep schedule get too messed up; for the most part, I succeeded over the last four day weekend. I was up between 8 and 9 every day for the last four days... but for some reason it still felt traumatic as heck to have to get up at 6 this morning.

I had an odd, sad dream last night. I was a kid and on the soccer team, and the coach from Whistle! was our coach. For some reason myself and two other kids were all moody and teenage-pissy, so we went to practice on the roof of the building instead of out in the field where we were supposed to. Then a giant windstorm hit (foreshadowing RL!), and we still didn't go inside. It had more than hurricane-force winds, and we were nearly blown off the building's top. So the coach came out and saved us, grabbing us and literally throwing us inside the door (he was so strong!), but after he got the last kid in, the door shut without him being inside. After a moment we opened the door to look for him, but no one was left on the roof. :( They found him on the ground (20 or so stories down), with many broken bones and such. He was alive, but he'd never be able to run or play or anything anymore, and it was all our faults for being moody, stupid kids.

I have to go to the dentist today. I'm really trying not to think about that...
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