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The Day: Bad, bad, worse, horrid, okay?

11 AM: Internet access goes down at work. Stays down. I do nothing more than stare at the wall for four straight hours. (No support calls came in all day -- most of our customers are closed this week.)

3 PM: Leave work to go to dentist. (Ugh, ick, aie.) Stop at home to change, brush teeth, etc.

3:45: Arrive at dentist's office. Appointment is at 4:15. Kill 15 minutes. Go in.

5: Get seen by dentist. (ARG! GRR! GAH! You suck!) Don't get a single apology for the delay.

5:30: Leave. Drive through rushhour and the worst storm we've had all year on unfamiliar streets.

5:45: Halfway home. Hear odd noise from car. Buh? Very odd. Flap-flap-flap. What the heck? (Okay, it was more like "fap-fap-fap", but everyone would snicker at that.)

6: Arrive home. Walk around car to see what's wrong. *Totally* flat tire. ARRRRGGGGG!!! Note: These tires are two weeks old. Driving on it probably ruined it, and I'll have to replace it.

6: Call AAA. Hear the message "long hold times, over 5 minutes". Snicker, think "over 5 minutes isn't so bad!". Joke's on me. On hold for 25 minutes. (ARRG!) Mind you, this is the biggest storm of the year. Wondering if I'll even get service tonight at all. (Yes, 25 minutes is over 5 minutes, but you'd think the message would be more like "over 20 minutes" if it was going to be 25 minutes...)

AAA lady was a nice, wonderful person. Thanked me off the bat for being a member for so long. Takes my info quickly and clearly. Checks the time that service can come out. (At this point I'm cringing, thinking about AAA employee Punch's stories.) 45 minutes, the dispatcher will call when he's outside. Pick my jaw off the floor, thank phone lady lots. (She sounded surprised as well, most places had a 2-3 hour delay.)

...So, if he really does get here within or close to that time, I will be very, very happy. But really, I kissed my AAA anyway. What the heck would I ever do without someone who would come and fix things? Change a tire myself? Haha, might as well ask me to build a car from scratch! (I know, I know, it can be learned, but I have zero interest in learning car stuff.)

So as bad as this seems, I suppose it'll be okay. I'm told I should be able to drive to work on a donut if I'm careful (work's close), then at lunchtime or after work I can find a place who will look at the tire and fix it or replace it or whatever.

So please, Mr. AAA tow guy, come and save my day.

Edited to add: Woo! The tow guy (who was rather cute and very nice, as an added bonus) came in about 20 minutes! I love AAA.
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