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Yo! Made a website? Then listen up!

I am going to use as an example in this rant, but only because it is the latest one I've seen doing this. I do not know the person who designed or maintains that site, and I'm not commenting on the site's content.

Can someone, anyone, tell me what the hell is up with this new trend in web design? Making the side and bottom scroll bars the same color as the page itself, thus rendering them invisible? I'd like to think that it's done by mistake (how can it be anything but an error?), but it's showing up more and more on websites. If you cannot see the bar, you cannot click on it. If you find it through blind clicking, then move your pointer away, you have to hunt for it again! And without being able to see how big it is, how can you judge how long the page is? (Yes, using your arrow keys to scroll is an option, but should site visitors be forced to use them? No.)

If this is something people are doing on purpose, then they need their heads knocked into walls. Listen up: In web design, style does not trump function! If you think it's "cool" or "clever" or "keen" to make your damned scroll bar invisible, then think again! Your priorities as a web designer should be for easy and clear navigation *before* using any pretty/k00l/"wonderful new tricks" you've seen elsewhere.



In other news, they couldn't put the new/repaired tire on my car at lunch today. They're too busy. Grr. I left the tire with them, then have to go back tonight for them to put it on. If the old one can be fixed, that is. Otherwise I'll need to buy a new one.

It feels odd telling people "Well, I have my car, but he has the tire". Makes me feel like I'm going through a messy divorce.
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