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Football, both American and otherwise

It took them an hour to put the tire back on my car tonight, and so during that time I sat in their little waiting room and watched TV. There was no remote, so I had to watch what was on: college football. Boy, did that confirm my beliefs about the sport: Players walk around, eventually get into their formation. Whistle blows, play starts. They "run" two or three *steps*, then tackle or throw a ball and miss who they're aiming for, or whatever. Lather, rinse, repeat. These guys spent more time waiting to play than actually playing, and almost no time at all running.

However, besides interesting/fun level, there was one giant, honking difference between real sports and anime sports: Every single one of those real football players was butt-ugly. No exaggeration. They showed photos of their faces and every one of them looked like someone with a life-sentence in prison. Ugly, brutal, not attractive in any, any, any sense of the word. Gah! (And so now we know why peppygrowlithe dropped out of football. He was too cute for the sport!)

Anyway, on to better things. I finished Whistle! tonight.

I can't say I loved the ending, and it didn't disappoint me, but I sort of expected it. Only that they tied instead of lost surprised me a little, and even that not too much.

I'm not really sure why they showed the plants in the place Kazamatsuri used to practice -- was there symbolism there that I missed? Or were they just bringing us back to where it all started?

Some of the animation in the final ep bothered me a little. The chanting Korean crowds and the airplane -- I think both were CG animation, and they stood out from the rest of the animation around them.

And, while I liked Shige a lot as a character, I think bringing him in at the end was a rather cheap move. He hadn't been on the team, he didn't go through tryouts, he didn't practice with the team... how disrespectful to the other members was it to bring him in out of the blue?

But still, all in all I really liked the series a lot.

I'd really like to start the BT of it tonight, but there are still 13-16 folks downloading Someday's Dreamers. I could jump off at this point (at an average of 66% finished, if they all stay connected they can get it from each other), but these people so far are all sucky -- as soon as they finish, they close it. Grrr. So I'll give them another day, then start the first Whistle! BT tomorrow. (I'm figuring on four sets of ten eps each.)


In other, semi-related news, I got my Ryoma/Momo/Kaidou Coin Purse today. I totally didn't read the auction before bidding, as I was expecting two of them (since there were two pictures shown), not for one picture to be on either side of it, and I was surprised it was metal, too. These things were clearly printed in the item's description, so I just hadn't read well at all. My bad.

However, I'm happy with it, so that's what counts.

Edited to add: I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist #13 right now. I have only one comment on it: Mustang rocks my socks. Heeeeee!
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