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Silly people...

It's still two and a half hours till midnight here, but people are out honking and making noise already. I can only hope they're doing it early because they're going to sleep soon. Hee. :)

I don't believe in making resolutions on New Year's; ever since I was a kid, I didn't see the logic in it. Why on New Year's? If you want to make a change, you should start when you decide you need that change... or just ignore it on New Year's like you ignore it every other day. (Note: the "you" in this means "me", but using I/me made it sound odd.)

Since I'm "slacking" and not watching any anime tonight (don't ask me why that feels like slacking), I'm idly watching TV. West Wing actually looks like a pretty good show. I might have to track it down and watch it again in the future. I really like this... Martin? Charlie? Sheen fellow. He was in American President, which is my favorite girly-girly movie ever.

resonant8 wrote a nice little thing about weight loss/body feelings here. It's short but beautiful, worth checking out if you ever felt like you needed to lose weight. If I were the type to make resolutions, I'd resolve to try to follow that.

I'm really happy with how the Whistle BT project is going. It's up at and, as well as a private anime downloading board, and there are currently 70 people downloading it! The number of people jumping on increases by one every couple minutes, so this is especially nice. I'm really, really happy that so many new people are going to be exposed to it; hopefully lots of new fans will appear!

I doubt I'll post again tonight, so Happy New Year to everyone!
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