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And if that mocking bird won't sing...

Apparently it's that time of the year again. It's currently 10:51 PM, and I have birds chirping outside my apartment. Until they find mates and have oodles of happy birdy-sex, male mocking birds sing all through the night. Midnight, 1 AM, 2 AM, 3AM... Very loud and rather annoying, much like feathered car alarms that can never be shut off (they cycle through the same 4-7 songs over and over and over and over and over...). It's okay (odd as heck, but okay) when I'm awake, but they love the shrubs around my bedroom window, so it's a pain when I want to sleep.

This is the first night of their singing. Bets on when they'll start getting lucky and shut the heck up?


In other news, I'm watching my seemingly weekly two eps of Wolf's Rain. I'm up to #10 (of 26), and still not hooked. The characters are flat as hell, the plot meanders and mostly goes no where, but... I like the idea behind the series and I keep hoping to get hooked. Well, okay, I'm not really expecting to get hooked anymore, I just want to finish watching the darned series so I can finally delete it and free up the space. It's a good idea and the animation and music are great, too bad it's pulled off so badly...

ETA: Ha! I knew if I kept watching that eventually something would happen. It appears as though all four main characters have been killed off. While this is very unlikely to be really true, it would be both a cool twist in a thus far weak plot, plus it would solve that pesky "flat characterization" issue! Hee.
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