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PSA: Trouble logging in?

Surprise, surprise, LJ is having more issues. If you cannot log into one of your account names, try logging in here instead:

I couldn't log in as any of my names, I did the "forgot your password?" thing and it (of course) sent me the password I had been using, but it still wasn't working. I see there are lots of support requests open on this, so perhaps they'll fix it sooner or later.

In other news, I have to go pick up a new monitor today. My current monster is buzzing in a rather worrisome way, so I figure it must be about to die. I always said I'd splurge on a flat panel one once this massive monster died (seriously! It's more than 50 pounds, and about two feet from front to back! The screen is giant (21 inches), but it's so big and heavy I can't get it onto my desk myself), so last night I went for it. The screen will be smaller (19 inches), but hopefully I won't notice the difference too much -- and the extra space on my desk will be nice!

Also, last night I had a dream that could have been really cool. In it I went to the first US showing of TeniMyu! ...however, all the scenes in my dream happened before the musical, between the acts, and after it. I got to see maybe a minute or so of the actual singing and dancing, everything else happened outside the theater or in the lobby. Bah! Bad brain! Lemme see my boys when I dream!
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