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Okay, I'm no expert, but...

Admittedly I've only been watching anime for a couple months now, but I'm seeing so much of this that it can't be just chance: What the heck is the idea of having all female characters either being dumber than dirt, annoying as hell, or out to destroy the world just because some man won't love them? With very, very, very rare exception, there have been no normal/good female characters in any series I've watched.

* Prince of Tennis: Die, die, die you fangirling, clueless, useless girls.
* Whistle: See PoT. (Though in the end there was a clueful woman. *gasp!*)
* Dear Boys: Though the girls' basketball team were the champs for like seven years in a row, the boys run circles around them without effort -- which I suppose is easy since all the girls ever do is cry and cling to the boys... (Okay, the leader of the girls' team cried and clung the most, but the other girls just blushed and admitted over and over that the boys were so much better than them.)
* Fullmetal Alchemist: Only one female "main character" (she has a tiny role), but she's actually a normal, okay (even strong!) character. Yay FMA!
* Hikaru no Go: Another clueless, dumber than used kitty litter girl-character. (Mind you, I'm less than 10 eps into the series, so I don't know if that changes later on.)
* Get Backers: One female character is there only to supply bouncing breasts, the second has the weakest "super power" of the whole group and often needs saving by the boys, and the last one falls into the "useless fangirl of main characters" category.
* Wolf's Rain: The uber-bad guy is a woman who cannot get a man to love her (so let's destroy the world! That'll show him!), the other female main character runs from one end of the Earth to the other in *high heels* and is generally useless other than to get the male main characters to chase after her (to rescue her) and thus deeper into the plot.
* Someday's Dreamers: A rare series with a female main character. While she cries a lot and calls herself stupid/useless/whatever, she's quite a bit better than anime female-character norm.

I'm not a "Rah! Rah! Let's burn our bras!" gal, but sheesh! What's the deal here? And I think I watch "good" series (read: ones where women don't exist solely to be ejaculated on), so you'd think there'd be more quality female characters...


I was hoping to get the next set of Whistle! eps up today, but I'm waiting for another download to finish first so that I can give all my bandwidth to seeding. It's going very, very slooooowly, so I'm not sure if I'll make it today or not. (I hope it's a good series (Arc the Lad), the summary of it seemed interesting...)


Oh, and I finished Wolf's Rain today. Supposedly there will be four more eps of it once it's released on DVD. Let's hope they make for a better/less crack-smoking ending than the current one. Wolf's Rain is without question the worst series I have finished watching. It's especially sad because there was a lot of potential in it... Oh well, now I finally get to delete it. Woo!
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