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Arc the Lad, and a question

Unfortunately, as mithas warned me, Arc the Lad seemed to be somewhat sucky. While the music was very dramatic (almost overly so), the animation was really poor, and as far as I could tell, the storyline and characterization were lacking.

I only watched two eps of it, and for all the trouble it gave me to download it, I wanted to give it more of a chance, but it turns out this simple little series was plotting the downfall of my computer:

You see, the Arc eps were .mkv files. "What are .mkv files," you ask? Well, so did I! I had to go on a merry hunt to figure out how to play them, and eventually I had to download a new player (like I need yet another?), patches, and some new codec's. These eventually let me watch the files though, so I was happy. Then, in preparation for this post, I needed to make a couple screenshots from an old Get Backers ep, so I fired Windows Media Player up. Crash, crash, crash. Every Single Video File On My Computer Caused A Crash! Arg! Panic, panic! So I uninstalled the special player for the .mkv files. That stopped the crashing, but now everything I played had a commercial watermarking on it! WTF? So I uninstalled everything else new, and finally got rid of that. Whew! So fortunately or un, no more Arc eps for me.

Just a couple screenshots, then the question:

The main character of Arc the Lad. Surprisingly, his name isn't Arc, it's Elk. The bad guy's name is Arc the Lad... which is a really snickery name for a bad guy.
Speaking of snickering, this was one of the monsters. Besides it being all floffy and blue, its "growling" was really, really funny. It was a human saying "grrr" and "arrr". Not a good human VA who can make realistic animal noises, you could actually just hear a man saying "grrr".

I didn't post this a few days back when I was talking about the Go series, but this is one of the two main characters. He's male, wears pink-purple lipstick, has earrings, and wears a very tall hat. I still snicker at the poor fellow sometimes -- I've never seen a more feminine man before!


Okay, so the question. This is mostly for anime people or people who know current Japanese stuff or people who know about dangly things. What are these called? One and another two? Are they keychains? Or do they have some other name? I almost want to say "dangles"?
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