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*Now* I think of it...

Since I've been watching TV all night (Fear Factor, Las Vegas, now this new Average Joe show), I should have spent my time burning CDs. Bah. Why didn't I think of that two hours ago? Now I'm too sleepy to do it. And I like that Las Vegas show, other than it scares me because I get into the Elvis music. Elvis! Ha. Heehee.

I did that Tarot Meme thing that's currently going around. How funny that I got The Hermit? "The Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited..." I'm not going to add the graphic in here, since you've probably already seen it many times on your flist.

Thanks to a link from metron_ariston, I ordered a bunch of TeniPuri things from He goes to Japan and buys stuff, then brings it back to the US to sell it -- thus postage is *totally* reasonable. ...well, I submitted an order at 8 this morning, but he's not replied back with a total yet, so I can't Paypal him money. Arg! I want my stuff! Notepads, two clips for my backpack (Kaidoh and Inui!), and six or seven other things. But dude! I need to send you money so you can send me my stuff! Please! I want it now!

I watched five or six Hikaru no Go eps tonight. I like Sai a lot -- while he's highly girly, he's also very cute and childish. I feel the need to grab him and drag him around, showing him all sorts of new things that he can oooh and aaaaah wide-eyedly over. The last ep I watched annoyed me though: Every Single Character ended up crying in the end. Well, not every, but five or six of them, and all boys except for one girl. Dudes, it's a game. Yeah, you like it, but *everyone* should not cry over it!

I noticed a switch in my Hikaru no Go watching. Yesterday and earlier I wanted to see less of the Go matches and more character stuff; tonight I got annoyed when the "camera" panned away from the board and showed the characters. Gah! I need to see how a good game goes! Because man, I seriously suck! I played five games against the computer tonight, and only won one (and I think that was more luck than anything). Such a challenging game.

Very, very sleepy, and it's only 10:15. *yawn*

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