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Jesse's Gang

Funny when you forget about something, then encounter it again and it hits you hard.

For around a year I ran a storyline for a PC on the MUSH. (Tommy, mentioned many days ago, was a character in it.) The whole plot was fueled by this ep of Six Feet Under. The main character in my plot was named after the dead guy in tonight's Six Feet Under, Jesse. Much of the feeling of my-Jesse's gang came from the way the gang acted in this ep. They're gone and now I'm watching the ep -- it's almost creepy and it's more than almost sad.

It was hard running a plot for that long; we RPed a good 5+ hours every day, sometimes 10+ a day. We almost never missed a day. Imagine that for a year, the same set of NPCs and a PC. They became very, very real characters. Kinda odd to now see what almost seems a part of them on TV. It's also sad that we weren't able to play some of the last scenes I had intended; Six Feet Under was all about the funeral the bikers had. I had intended for us to have one (a number of the NPCs ended up dead), but I burnt out before we got to that.

Sigh. I feel guilty about it, but not even just to the PC involved. I feel like I let Jesse's gang down. So silly, feeling bad about NPCs. I seem to do that a lot...
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