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Eh, WTF?

Um, did I miss a memo or something? When did *I* become a BNF in HP-land? It was pointed out that I'm in the second pool of names. I'm touched, but... BUH?

Ha, I'm up against cybele_san. Even I wouldn't vote for me over her! Wow, there are lots of good folks in that group; they must have just done a LJ search for people with HP listed as an interest or something, there's no other way to explain how I'd end up in there.

Oh well, silliness.


I should probably feel guilty if I'm thinking slashy thoughts about a couple of 11 year olds, right? In Hikaru no Go there are these two boys, Shindoh and Touya. They're always trying to beat each other at Go, but there's just so much emotion between the two of them every time they end up in the same place. There's no way a simple board game could explain it all -- things nearly *vibrate* when they're together. It's the oddest thing, they're so young (I believe 11, but maybe 12 or 13?), and it doesn't feel exactly sexual (non-sexual slash?), but there's something going on between them for sure. No way they could elicit such emotion from each other otherwise...
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