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State of the Thistle Address. (Life, anime, HP, and everything)

Today's shaping up to be a much better day than the rest of the week has offered. Knock on wood that it'll remain that way.

Since I'm running low on things to watch, I've been doing some downloading. I'm grabbing the first 20 eps of Naruto, as well as some series called Black Heaven.

I've read over the Knight2King essay/ideas at unplottables. While they're very interesting ideas, and I see the reason/logic behind them, I feel they're giving JKR way, way, way, way too much credit. Just because you see images in your tea leaves doesn't mean they really hold some meaning as to your future.

My new monitor makes me surprisingly happy. I don't hardly ever spend much money on myself, and when I do I never buy really expensive things, so this was a nice treat. Somehow having the image go all the way to the housing instead of having the black between the picture and the plastic/housing is a really wonderful thing; I don't see how it could really make much of a difference, but somehow it's really nice.

Hm, this is a rather low content post, isn't it? Maybe I write more when I'm unhappy/stressed. Heh. Well, okay, guess we'll just end this here then!

Happy Friday, folks!

ETA: This has to be the most sexiest fanart ever. It was a gift for gmth, however I don't believe that I'll be able to resist stealing it. Mmmrrrowl. (Lucius Malfoy, HP fandom. Work safe.)
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