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Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

("Laid", right? It's too late for me to be sure. Bah. Bad me!)

I got waylaid (gah! Another 'laid'!) in my CD burning: After I burn one, I watch a minute or two in a couple different spots in the eps to make sure they came out okay. By chance, I stumbled upon scenes that I could get good screencaps for for making icons! (Whistle! icons are way overdue.) So I stopped burning and made *two* of them!

Alas, 100x100 is so small! This one made me snicker muchly when it was larger. I paused on this scene by chance, and noticed how... hee, wrong it could appear to be. (Poor Fuwa!)

Anyway, it's late. To bed with me! (Eh, that's an order to myself, not an invitation. Back, back! All of you! ...Sure, snicker at me. Meanies!)

Oh, before I go: Naruto (the character, not the series) is interestingly animalistic. Sometimes he seems to sit like a dog (or fox) would... Oh! Oh! And, oh, I should upload something...

How wrong is it for me to purr over this?
And this?

Non-con with minors. Sheesh! I'm so bad. (And I hope those screenshots aren't fuzzy for anyone. I *think* it's only my monitor...)

*Now* I'm going to bed! Heehee! (So very hyper, this isn't a good thing. Woo, bouncie, hee! Ninjas are *very* sexy. Mmmm.)

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