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More Naruto, Pitch Black

luminata: If you haven't started this series yet, or if you haven't gotten up to ep 16 yet, stop reading until you get to the " -- ". Spoilers above the line (but I'm not lj-cutting, since they're more than a year old).

ladycosmos mentioned a split in the Naruto fandom over het/slashness of the series. After watch ep #16, I have to say anyone who thinks there's no slashiness in this series is smoking commercial grade crack. Sasuke /died/ for Naruto (or at least that's how it looks, I'm sure next ep he'll be fine), and Naruto broke his demon-seal-thingie because he thinks Sasuke died. And they flashed back to the kiss! And a couple scenes where their eyes met and there was visible blue-white electricity between them! The writers couldn't have made it more clear if the characters were naked and holding signs proclaiming their love for each other.

Sakura is very, very, very annoying. Does she exist for any other reason than lusting after Sasuke, fainting, and following orders (when she's not fainting)? Why the heck did Kakashi, who has never passed a single student after teaching enough of them to fill a book with their names, pass her? She's not a ninja, she's a pink-haired useless fangirl.

Oh, and I wanted to mention the music, too. I love love love the closing theme. I listen to it on every ep (as opposed to skipping the opening/closing themes, as I usually do). The opening theme scares me though -- it sounds like Billy Idol.

ETA: *sniff* The Haku storyline end is so ... tragic. I love this series: it's funny but it has such a serious side, too. Poor, poor, poor Haku just wanted to be loved and needed, and that bad guy whose name I forgot (exile ninja, they called him a demon -- edited again: Ah, Zabuza) was just using him, but came around in the end. "We've been together all this time... so I'll just die next to you..." If crying didn't make my contacts hurt for days after, I'd be sobbing right now. Poor Haku. Drat, can't keep from crying. Poor kid.


I watched Pitch Black today, too. While the characterization in the movie is laughably bad, I still count it as a good movie. (Not good as in Oscar-quality, but good as in entertaining.) Nice scary/startling parts, cool aliens, nice effects, and yummy Vin. Two thumbs up.

Oh, and unrelated: My monitor is showing colors strangely -- too red, I think. I hope my new icons look okay on other monitors... (I almost can't wait to go to work on Monday so I can check them there.)
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