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Final words...

There's a meme going around, but it's rather uncreative so I added a twist. In its original state, it told you to go to your friends page, and from the first ten posts on it, take the last sentence and list them here. But a list of ten last sentences? *yawn* So I added that you should rearrange those ten last sentences to try to tell a story or at least make some sort of sense out of them.


Found in a local Greensheet.

"Get Malfoy for me, Harry." Tom Riddle

*hides head in shame*

Oh well, some slash before bedtime, and then hopefully tomorrow some studying.

I hardly ever find neat or funny things... but if I do I'll show you. Decadent Chocolate Delight Ah, but so ahead of its hipster time...


Thanks, I fixed the link for Just Add Water.


Other than the last sentence, it sort of all fits together. "Decadent Chocolate Delight" lacked a period (it was LJ cut text) and "Tom Riddle" didn't have one either.

(Can you tell I'm bored?)
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