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Rock Lee's not so bad, Gaara rocks my socks, and a question for CD burner-types

Funny how much one ep can change things. After watching this one with Rock Lee's whole background (little fighting, tons of flashback!), I'm... more okay about him. I don't like him, I don't love him, but I don't still feel like I said in one of my earlier posts: "I don't ever want to see him in this or any other series ever again." I can respect him now, and I can see past his mega-freaky eyes.


(And this is a big 'however' coming up.) There is something going on between Lee and Gai, and it's *not* father/son-ish. And *that* squicks the hell out of me. While I'm trying not to picture this, the images form way, way too easily in my head: The two of them naked in bed together, grinning and thumbs-upping each other in the middle of things, teeth sparkling, thick eyebrows moving... arg.

On cheerier thoughts (...gah... Lee's first time being with Gai... the two cheering each other on and grinning at each other... No! Stop! Arg!). Gaara must be the coolest character ever. I love love love him. Such evil, cold eyes! And I want to know more about this monster inside him! And I found out his name means "loves to kill" in Japanese, and that red mark on his face means "loves" (which seems odd). And and and! I think he *has* to beat Lee in their battle (I'm between eps) because he's amazingly strong and evil and all that... but I'm worried the writers are going to have Lee win. Bah.

And speaking of writers, I'm very glad they didn't kill Hyuga Hinata off in front of us. I was near-tears already, and if she had died (especially when Naruto left her side to wave his penis and make alpha-monkey noises at Neji), I would have lost it. *sniff* But as sad as it would have made me, it would also sort of have fit the story and the situation, too... I'm still glad it didn't happen though.

And the question: For those of you who burn eps onto CDs, do you edit them to remove the theme songs and credits and all that? It's such a waste of space to leave them on, but I'm not sure how much work it'd be to edit them out...

On to ep 50!

ETA: While watching 50: Bah, what a cheat. So #49's all about 'Rah! Rah! Lee's normal! He can't do techniques but look how far he's gotten!', then in 50 he "opens his gates" and does moves even *better* than normal ninja techniques? What a crock. The character was built up as a person without these ninja superpowers, now he suddenly has them. I want my money back.

ETA2: Well at least he lost, that's something. But AAARRRGG! Gai admitted he loved Lee! This may be enough to put me off m/m love for good. Blech! Final edit: Okay, Lee paid a really high price for it. I still don't *like* that he could do it, but at least it cost him a lot. And *sniff* it was a little sad. Poor Gai was crushed because his *twitch* beloved was hurt.
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