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A winner is me! A winner is you!

Yay! I won the Naruto yaoi game! I paid a lot more for it than I was planning on, but when someone out-bid my initial max bid I got annoyed and went higher. Heh. Well, hopefully I can still make my way through the game even without knowing Japanese. (And in deciding to up my bid, I figured I could probably BT the game so others could try it, too. The seller is only selling me a copy of the game anyway, and the company who made the game is out of business, so I have no problem with doing that.)

A winner is you! Or at least if you're a Rock Lee fan. While searching for a FAQ for the game, I found a couple of screenshots from it (or perhaps from another Naruto game).

Look at these in order!

What could Gai be pondering?
Oh, I see!

I really wanted to animate those two together, but then I decided to watch more eps instead. Sorry! Heh heh heh.

Man, wouldn't the two of those together make the best icon? Heh heh heh.

ETA: Wow, I like this new opening with all the characters as kids, and I love the ending with the chibis marching!

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