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Friends of friends of friends of friends...

This "friends of your friends" feature ( is keen, I just wish I had more time to check it out. Usually I get to read my direct friends page, then I check Mallen's friends page, and that takes up about all of my free time. I got into work early today (Sleep? What's that?), so I have more free time now. So many interesting people in the world. Luckily I don't have many friends of friends who type like this:

meh want go out dis weeknd shopin


u know i like u

Gods above, using "meh" for "me" and doing that "baby talking" (for lack of better term. 'meh wub you!') drives me insane. We're all adults here, people (or close enough). Let's try to act like them? Otherwise "meh will keel alla u". :)

Edited to add: This is an actual post by someone:

kk... so pplz, how do u Pronunce oekaki?
i say "oh-ka-ki"
mai friend (she's japanese) tells me it's "oh-e-kao-ki" oekaki is japanese rite? fer drawin/doodle?

so ne ways... i jsut wanna knoe... how do u say it?

hehe i personally think "oh-ka-ki" sounds betta than "oh-e-kao-ki" even if it's wrong :-P

hehe me betta stop procrastinating...

It was all I could do not to "troll" in the comments and correct every misspelling and stupid fake wording.
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