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Recall my last post about the space program?

Recall my last post about the space program? Well forget it! If going forward with it will allow us to have some sort of instant matter-transporter thingie, then let's go to the moon! Screw those in need! I found Haku/Zabuza figures (cheap!) and I pounced on them (along with a Gaara figure). Oh, I was so excited I could hardly sit still! $4 for each of them! What an amazingly good price!

...then I noticed the shipping. $15.51 minimum (for it to take *weeks* to get to me), $30 for faster. (They're in Hong Kong.) For two figures which cost $4 each.


Go to bed hungry tonight, kids! I don't care! I wanted these figures, but I don't want to pay $30 in shipping when they only cost a total of $8...

Whine. Haku/Zabuza figure! None for me... *sniff* (Theirloveissorottingintheground! Snicker. Poor guys, perhaps they'll be together in the afterlife even if they can't be together on my desk.)

(I really need a new Naruto icon so I can stop torturing people with this one.)
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