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Further Naruto game information

I'm nearly done with it, I'm missing only two pictures from that "image collection" area.

There are three sets of questions.

1) In the storage room with what looks like a "soda cooler" in the background. There are numbers in the answers to the first question.

1- C
2- B
3- D
4- B
5- B

2) In the storage room with shelves and boxes.

1- B
2- D
3- B
4- A

3) In the classroom.

1- D
2- C
3- D
4- B

When you get each of the three sets of questions right, you get to see a special picture:

Two. (Cool, but I don't much like the art style.)
Three. (Insanity never looked so good!)

Also I figured out if you right-click on the game, you'll get some menus. One will make the text just appear instead of scrolling on (lightyears faster!), and another will make it in a window instead of taking the whole screen.

Oh, and I was worried where this scene might be leading, but luckily it went no where.

ETA: Yay! Finally finished this. Woo!

The last pairing was one I was hoping for early on. Too bad the art is a little "eh".
How fitting is it that this is the last picture I'll get to see? Hee.
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