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Random stuff

* Work sucked today and will suck worse in the coming week. I've been resisting posting a rant and death threats all night.

* Google loves Catlove... or at least in Canada and Hong Kong it does. After this long they've finally indexed me in their image search engine (which has a different index than the text one, apparently) for those countries. Getting tons of hits on the various images on my site. That's mostly a "yay", I suppose.

* I'm not sure what's up, but some Russian sites are linking big-time to some of my images (anime ones, and the Naruto game). Lots of Russian message boards. Odd.

* Since Naruto is what I really want to watch, I'm watching the series through again. It's a wonderful thing. Love the music, and the characters' rections and emotions keep making me want to cry. Is nice. :)

* On a related note, I bought four of those metal throwing stars to use as wall decoration. Unfortunately they're darned sharp (aie! me + sharp things = ow ow ow). I'm afraid to put them on my wall, because if they fall off and land on something (my cat, my foot) they'll do serious damage. They come in cool black "pouches" (like you'd wear on your belt). I have no idea how you'd get one out of it and use it in a fight without cutting your hand to pieces.

* I'm really depressed with my lack of time for anything. RP is a laughable desire, and even something like taking up Animal Crossing again just won't work. Five and a half free hours a day. Grand total, whole day. Five and a half hours. A couple anime eps, a TV show, dinner, and then I have to go to bed so I can go to hell work for ten hours.

Gods, I miss being a college student. Even a high school student, as sucky as school was. Even with classes, studying, and a part-time job, I still had lots more free time than I do now. If not for health insurance, I could easily survive on less than "40" hours a week -- I'd love having only a part-time job now.


* Oh, I suppose I should mention this: For former PokeMUSH folks: We're in the process of winding down. The MUSH will remain up, but no more applications are being accepted, and no puppets/ONSes will be run. I made the public announcement today. I should be sad, and in a way I am, but... I really don't need the work of it. I don't want my paying job, be damned if I want one I have to do for free. (But we didn't close it for me, the theme finally did us on.) Oh well. (Wish I could live in the land of RP... Characters' lives may be hard sometimes, but ... oh, this is a pointless line of thought.)

* Perhaps worst of all in my sucky day: I ate a little meat today. First time in over six months. There wasn't a veggie option, so I figured I'd just get it and pick the meat out... and I have no idea why, but I ate some. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. There wasn't even a reason, I wasn't craving it or anything, it was just there so I did. I'm such an idiot, I really am.

Sorry for the less than cheerful post. I must be PMSing, I can't believe I'm crying my eyes out over nothing more than a bad day and me being stupid.
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