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Yay for bad English!

Contained below: Naruto figures, Animal Crossing, movies (Biker Boyz and others).

After having my mind gnawed on for the last week, I finally gave in and ordered the Haku/Zabuza and Gaara figures! Yay! Though $15.50 for postage is insane for $4 figures, I really, really, really wanted them, and I kept going back to check the page and see them, so finally tonight I gave in. (jennaashimo is at fault as well, for posting about her happy figures. :) )

So I went through the checkout process, only to find that apparently $15.51 is the total with the figures and postage! WOO! When the two figures come to $8, $15.51 isn't so bad for a package coming from Hong Kong.

Now, if only they'll not take forever to come! Eee!


Since I have no new anime that I really want to watch, I played some Animal Crossing today. It was... not as fun as I remembered it to be. Some elements of it were cool, but way too much of it was clicking through text I've seen a thousand times before. Oh well, I played it for a year, I got a lot of entertainment out of it. Maybe I'll go back and play some other day when I'm bored.

Though I suspect it's going to suck, Biker Boys is starting and I'm going to check it out. However, any movie that has a title where the "s" is replaced with a "z" is very likely going to suck... but I've watched about 15 Naruto eps, and I'm tired of reading subtitles, so a movie is a good enough option.

I have Primary Colors and Second Hand Lions in my folder to watch. I may or may not get to them tomorrow (or perhaps one tonight, depending on how bad Boyz sucks).

...Wow, motorcycles are so sexy. Okay, I knew this before, but seeing them now reminds me. The music isn't awful either, maybe Biker Boyz will be watchable after all.

Edit: Wow, the dialogue and characters suck. They should all just shut up, play loud music, and pose on their bikes.
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