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The Lone Apple

For the last two weeks I've had zero interest in breakfast, so I just nibbled on a little fruit through the morning and skipped anything else. Silly me assumed the same would be true this morning. However, once I arrived at work, I found I was ready to chew my desk. But we get free fruit, so I went to the kitchen to get some of that! ...Eeek! No fruit this morning!

...except one lone apple. This apple had been sitting in the kitchen for a week, but no one wanted it because it was bruised. After a week of being handled, it was dull and had mushy spots... but there was nothing else, so I snatched it up, scrubbed it well, and scurried back to my desk with it clutched between my hands.

It's only 10:30, and the apple is long gone.

I wish it was still around so that I could eat it a second time.

I loved that little apple.
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