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Kino's Travels, One Piece, Catlove Server

Or in other words: anime, anime, non-anime. :)

Has anyone seen Kino's Travels? I've only seen one screen shot of it, but it has me drooling. Looks just like Someday's Dreamers' art style! *drool*drool* Alas, the series is licensed, so I can't find it to BT from anywhere. *grump* I might have to hit up a couple private groups and see if I can get a copy that way. I wonder how many eps are in the series? If it's ongoing or not? I can't find any info on it at all...

I said I was going to try to watch 15-20 One Piece eps before deciding on it, but upon watching #6 tonight, I couldn't go on. It's a bad sign for a series if every time you see the main character's grin you want to shoot him in the face. It's funny, when thinking about the series I said to myself "You know, I could almost like this if not for the art style... and the character design... and the characters themselves... but the story is okay except the whole thing about the devil fruit effects..." Which leaves, what, that it's about pirates? Hee. So yeah, One Piece is being deleted. Woo!


If anyone checks screenshots on their LJ and instead sees a "bandwidth thief!" thing instead, please leave a comment. All of LJ should be able to hotlink to images on Catlove.

Since I'm nearing the end of the month's bandwidth, I did some closer looking at my stats. Darned frigging message boards linking to my screenshots took up so much bandwidth! The top most moved files ever in Catlove's history:

1-4) The four Whistle BTs.
5) The Naruto game BT
6-10) Message board people! Grr!

I wanted to use my really nasty blood/scat/death image in place of the plain "bandwidth thief!" text one, but I'm resisting.
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