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I'm only hurting you all because I love you so much...

Later this week or this weekend I'll be making a longer post about this, but I just have to put up a teaser tonight. For all the good things I say about anime, don't forget that there are utterly batcrap insane things out there as well. I have two things like that, and I'm making screenshots from one of them tonight. Just a taste of what's to come:

So the main character's mom and dad are in bed together, making love. No, I have no idea why she's holding onto legs either.

Suddenly the bad guy storms into their bedroom!

Dad's not about to let the bad guy interrupt! From his hair he launches... Afro Attack!

So what's any bad guy to do? Swing his ball around to defend himself with!

Afro Attack vs. Swinging Ball

I'm only about 15 minutes into this, but it's already the second most insane thing I've ever seen. The first most insane thing involves a pink teddybear who likes to kill people... more on that this weekend!
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