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Kino no Tabi / The writing of drabbles

Two things: Kino no Tabi/Kino's Travels (anime), and on writing drabbles.

Thanks to tricianna pointing me to a BT link for it, I have the first five (eh, six? 00-05) eps downloaded! I've watched 00-02 so far, and I'm so totally in love with it! yachinami and someone else said it's really dark, but I didn't find it to be. To me, it seemed like a look at the world without candy-coating it. Help some strangers only to have them screw you over in the end; let science give you exactly what you want, and have that one thing end up being the downfall of society. Kino no Tabi is a glimpse of the world that few shows/movies offer, and I'm enjoying it muchly. (It feels like it was custom made just to fit my POV on things!)

I wonder if there was a point to it besides giving an honest look at how people really are? It almost feels like it's trying to teach a lesson. I wouldn't have understood some of the sayings displayed mid-story if I hadn't watched the story. Like "He who gives, lends." (I liked that one especially) and "The world isn't beautiful, therefore it is.".

I can't wait to watch the rest!


On drabbles: This week's challenge100 challenge should have been easy as pie to do. Write anything, but this must be your first sentence "He took a weary step forward into the harsh sunlight.". So much potential! why was it a bitch to write? It took me forever just to decide on a character, then the drabble fought me tooth and nail every step of the way. Finally it came in at 176 words (!!!!) and I had to rip it down to the bones to bring it in at 100 words.

At first I was kicking myself for not saving a 176 word version of it, but upon reading it again, I think it works as well if not better as 100 words. Yes, a lot of the details are gone, but what's left is the important stuff -- and that's what writing drabbles is about, getting down to what's really necessary in a story.

For me there's one extra added requirement of a drabble: I always want some little twist at the end of it. It needs a kick of humor or irony or something spicy at the end.

Initially I was going to write about Akamaru (Kiba's dog, in Naruto), but before I got a single word written, it twisted around and became about Kiba himself. In the end, every mention of poor Akamaru was lost to my need to cut 76 words out.

Title: Joke's On Who?
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: G
Words: 100 (Edited down from 176! Like ripping my own fingers off! :) )
Notes: Kiba is a rather feral-looking ninja. Wild hair, pointed teeth, etc. He has a dog, and the two of them can talk to each other.


He took a weary step forward into the harsh sunlight. His fight, his chance for advancement, were over. Lost.

"Kiba-san!" a girl ran towards him. "A man told me to give this to you!"

Once he accepted the package, she smiled and ran off. There was a scroll, but he ignored it and opened the box. Inside were... dog biscuits? Kiba checked the rolled paper. "A 'reward' for your loss!" Next to the words was a drawing of a face with its tongue sticking out and eyelid pulled down.

Kiba shrugged and popped one of the treats into his mouth.

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