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Writing feedback

I've edited this post to heck and back, and the wording of everything still sounds stupid. So here's the idea I wanted to get across, in as short and non-stupid form as I can make it:

It wasn't until I ventured outside of the HP fandom that I learned this: The HP fandom leaves outstanding feedback. Quality and quantity. The community is seriously tighter, too.

Sheesh... I deleted and rewrote this second paragraph on a dozen or so times. It's taken me nearly an hour to get this post out, and look how far I've gotten. How can I say "Why do I get no comments from the anime writing groups on my anime drabbles?" without it sounding like I'm whining about getting no feedback? The point of this post isn't to complain/indirectly ask for feedback. I guess this is the point:


Why the hell can't I write this? If I say the point is "The HP fandom is great! Don't be thinking it's bad, anyone! There are other fandoms out there which are much worse and less supportive!" it sounds like I'm criticizing those other fandoms...

*sniff* I give up. Hopefully you get the idea: Not an attack on anyone or any group, just a prodding to people to be happy with what they have.


Oh, last night I had a dream that there was some disaster and most people in the world were dead. (That's the most common theme in all of my dreams, ever since I was a child.) There were maybe twenty of us living together -- all of the survivors in this area. Arnold Schwarzenegger, myself, and maybe twelve or thirteen little kids. It was funny because Schwarzenegger was the only one out of the whole group who couldn't take the stress of everything being gone. Myself and the other adults organized the kids and started a school (to teach them to be Ninjas! How cool is that?), but Schwarzenegger just stayed in bed for days on end with his arms covering his head.
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