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Dancing in my skin

I think this is a new record for number of posts in a day.

It's 15 minutes till I log off and start getting ready for bed, and I swear I feel ready to jump up and run a mile or two. Muscles are twitching in my legs and around my eyes. I'm breathing fast for no reason. I feel ready to leap up and do... something. Attack, escape, dance naked all night long.

I've avoided drugs as much as I could for most of my life, but if I can't sleep tonight (SleepSleepSleep? NOW? Sleep? Now? No way! NO NO NO!), I'm going to pick up some over the counter sleeping thing. I have to go buy more chicken for the cat tomorrow, so I can grab some at the supermarket. I need to sleep though, I'll have double the work and double the stress at work tomorrow.

*Lightbulb goes on* Hey, maybe these two things are related. Heh.

Ten minutes till bed...
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