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Fanart recs, photos, and guesses. (A)

While these aren't quite as nice as last night's, they're still pretty darned keen:

Haku's Powers - I wonder if that water was done by hand? Either way, it's beautiful.

- A collection of Haku pictures - I liked the first one, third one, and last one best.

*purr* Zabuza - Probably the best of tonight's collection. Those water dragons... gah! So beautiful! I guess that's what that notch in his sword is for? Even so, that pose makes me worry he might cut his own arm off... (But again, those dragons... mmm.)

Eek! - Chibi Zabuza... and "Haku". No comment.


Photos! So I got my Zabuza & Haku and my Gaara figures today! Yay! Alas, they're a lot smaller than I expected.

Don't just hang there, Gaara! Run! Giant can attack!

Zabuza and Haku are dwarfed by my monitor.

Those throwing stars - not exactly where I intended to hang them up (over my desk), but they work well enough here. I have four total, so two are still un-hung.


Naruto guess! (Note, this is not a spoiler. I haven't even read the manga yet.) I'm almost done watching the series through a second time, and something keeps pinging strongly: I wonder if the 4th Hokage was Naruto's father? A lot of stuff with that Frog Hermit guy keeps making me think that. (Like before he threw Naruto off the cliff, he asked the 4th not to take it personally.) Plus their eye and hair color are the same, in a village where everyone's coloring is really rather "normal" (RL-ish). How many naturally blond haired blue eyed Asian folks can there be?

Though on the other side of the coin, I suppose everyone in the village would have known he was the 4th's son, and not have been so cold to him? (Unless he was illegitimate?)

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