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My Neighbors the Yamadas (A)

My hard drive (which seemed so big when I bought it) keeps getting full, so today I'm trying to watch some old stuff so I can delete delete delete.

Tonari no Yamada-kun (My Neighbors the Yamadas) is a Studio Ghibli movie from just five years ago, so I was hoping it'd be good. I'm not really sure what it was, but "good" wouldn't be a word I would use to describe it. (On the other hand, I wouldn't exactly call it "bad", either. "Boring as all hell"? Yes, but for some reason not all-out "bad".)

The animation style was ultra, ultra simplistic. For the most part, there were no backgrounds at all -- just white. That screenshot at least has a splash of color behind the characters.

Tonari has no storyline, no real plot, and no climax at the end. Instead, through a series of mostly realistic short scenes, it tells about the life of typical Japanese married couple. It was only the very few less realistic scenes that I enjoyed, and my favorite one was about the married couple "having" children:

To get their first child, the couple goes floating down the river until they spot something. (My first thought was that that was a bare butt. See? "I like big butts and I cannot lie...") They pull it onto their boat, but drop it by mistake and a baby bursts out of the peach and into the air. Luckily they catch it.

Perhaps shocked by the explosive arrival of their first child, they try a different way to get a second one. Daddy jumps off the boat with a knife in hand and wanders through the growth of bamboo. When he finds a tree he likes, slice! What ever could be inside?

Though they stick with two children, they make one last stop. This was my favorite part of the scene. Peeking around... Yep! babies in the cabbage heads! The colors during this scene were so pretty. If the whole movie had been done in this style, I would have loved it.

Unfortunately the "birthing" children scene only lasts a minute or two. The whole movie was an hour and fifty minutes, but honestly it felt like ten hours. I could have (or should have) stopped watching it, but I kept expecting something to happen. In a way it was sort of semi-interesting to see into a normal life, but... it was just so so so boring.

And for a last bit of confusion, though the movie is titled "My Neighbors the Yamadas", the Yamadas were the main characters and it was told from their POV...
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