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Oh well...

It's only the 9th day of the month, but I've already used more than half of Catlove's monthly bandwidth (quickly headed towards two-thirds), so I'm removing myself from Google's image search. It's funny, I hoped to be listed there for so long, then it turned out to be a bad thing.

I'm just hoping that that's the cause of my spike in bandwidth use -- the problem started about the same time I got listed there, and I can't see what else might be causing it...

Hopefully they'll remove me before I get overcharges for the month. :( They have an "emergency" removal service, and so I used that. Supposedly within 24 hours I'll be out of their index.

Bye, bye Google.

(This is also a final warning to people with sites on Catlove. If removal from Google doesn't work, I'm going to have to stop hosting folks. I'll give at least 24 hours of warning before I delete anything, so watch my LJ if you can or leave me your email address in a comment and I'll send you an email.)
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