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Hunter x Hunter / Walking an' stuff / California

Ack and arg! Gon's fight against the ninja in the last of the Hunter tests... gods above, I know it wasn't graphic and blood-splattering-on-the-walls, but gah! I almost couldn't watch! Though we could know more about Hanzo's character, I've liked him for a while now, but gah... I know he had to fight Gon, but beating up a kid? All but torturing him? Breaking his arm? I'm at a loss for what to feel about him now. He *had* to do it, but... gah. My stomach was turning and I kept wanting to look away from the screen (if I hadn't needed to read subtitles, I would have). I haven't seen the end of the fight yet, I suppose it'll be in the next ep.

I hope I can get the last of the series downloaded. The last ten eps, two torrents, appear dead. :/ One other client is connected, but we're both at 0% and there are no seeds. I guess if I have to, I'll download the 62 ep chunk, but that'll be such a pain to get just a couple eps from. (And any darned torrent that's on Suprnova gets sucky single-digit download speeds, so it'll take forever.)


Walking/exercising: It's such an odd thing, wanting to exercise. During the last couple hours of work I've been looking forward to the end of the day not to get home, but so that I can go walking. I don't want to walk seven days a week, but I keep saying to myself "Oh, tomorrow I'll skip!"

Every other day I increase the distance by one "property" (I walk on residential streets, so I measure it by houses). I wonder if I keep going slowly like that if I'll ever hit a limit to how much I can increase? Or if someone goes slowly like that, can they eventually walk for miles and miles and miles? Do you hit a wall eventually?

The hand weights are fun for a different reason: Once I finish with them and put them down, it feels like my hands are being pulled by strings -- like I'm using zero of my own power to move them. They're so light! Weightless!

I'm thinking it'd be cool to get ankle weights to wear during the day. I'd like to use wrist weights, but they'd be visible so wouldn't be good. I'm going to check on eBay and a couple websites to see about prices and how small/thin they are (don't want them seen while I'm at work).

Not to mock you non-CA folks, but the weather here is just perfect. Warm (not hot, not cold, not cool, perfectly warm), a light breeze, and tons of California sun. And best of all, this will go on for the next five months or so! :) I was talking to someone today and told them I can't believe people people actually live in states where there is snow and really cold weather and really hot weather in the summer. Don't you all know California has nearly perfect weather year-round? :)
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