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Walking in a winter wonderland!

Brrr, it was cold out this morning! We had a clear sky overnight, which means we went down to near freezing. I went walking before work instead of after, so I had ample time to experience the chill. :)

I needed to mail one of those large (priority) envelopes, so I had to take it to one of those big mailboxes on the street instead of leaving it in my personal mailbox, and since there's one on the route that I walk, I figured why not do my walk early? Well let me tell you, walking in the morning is even better than walking in the evening! The cold was actually rather nice (other than it made my fingers tingle), and it was so quiet! The street I live on is quiet anytime, but in the morning it was nearly silent. Just me and the birds, which was really nice.

Plus, once I got into work, I was still feeling great! This was even after me lengthening my walk by about twice the distance I usually increase it by. *purrr* I feel like I want to go out and do more at lunchtime and then again after work, but if I push too much then I'll hurt myself and have to stop.

Such an odd thing this is. (Odd but good!)

Am I babbling about walking too much? Heh, sorry to anyone who's tired of reading about it! :)
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