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Okay, I'm slow (Or: Oh happy day!)

Saturday the Fourteenth: Burning Day

Since I had two movies I wanted to save but were too big for a CD, I bought a ten pack of writable DVDs. I wrote the two movies, a dozen anime/HP music videos, two soundtracks, and a *ton* more stuff... all to one DVD. My eyes almost popped out of my head at how much one could hold! So after I burned the movies, I had a thought.

I wonder how many eps would fit on a DVD?

This is how burning to a CD works: 3-4 "30 minute" eps (really more like 23 minutes) would fit on one CD, and it would take about 10-12 minutes for my computer to make it.

How many eps fit on one DVD? 25. And how long did it take? 20-25 minutes.

Please someone, if you see my jaw on the floor pick it up.

Burning a 52 ep series used to take HOURS -- I'd set aside a whole morning or afternoon to do one series. This morning I spent four hours burning things and moved two 50+ ep series, two movies, five small series, and a bunch of other stuff. Five DVDs total, where it would have taken 30-40 CDs to do the same thing. Gah gah gah. Why does anyone use CDs, other than not having a DVD burner?

I'm so so sorry I just bought 100 blank CDs. DVDs are not just faster to burn and hold much more, there's the whole storage issue, too! My 256 CD binder is almost full of CDs, but if I had done all this on DVD it'd be nearly empty! *Plus* I didn't get one bad DVD. (I'm not sure if the burning process is higher quality with the DVD burner or if I got just lucky.)

So learn from my slowness, anyone who burns things: DVDs are the much much better way to go. The only downside is that they're more expensive (10 DVD+R for $19.99 vs 100 CD+R for $29.99). But even given the price difference*, if I didn't already have the 100 CDs, I would go for the DVDs with zero hesitation.

*I'm really not sure if there is a price difference, if you look at how much each holds. A DVD holds 4.7 GB and a CD 700 MB. So the 10 pack of DVDs gives you 47 GB of storage for $29.99. 100 CDs at 700 MB gives you a total of 70,000 MB for $19.99. ...oh my, Google SO ROCKS. I wasn't sure how many MB were in a GB, so I entered "how many MB in a GB" and got:

"1 gigabyte = 1024 megabytes" -- Not pages of results, not pointers to anything, it gave me the exact answer! Google is just simply amazing.

Anyway, so I guess 100 CDs (70,000 MB) is about 70 GB. So okay, the CDs are a better value, but since the DVDs are quicker to make, easier to watch again later, and take up so much less space, I'd still go with them without a second thought.
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