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Look! A post about RL stuff!

I had some non-anime stuff I wanted to post, but I kept forgetting to stick it into my other posts, so here's a post just for it!

Stuff, in semi-random order:

1) While cloudy, the weather here was warm enough that I could open the windows and get some fresh air through the apartment. ~68 for most of the day. Did lots of cleaning and throwing stuff out. Much happier with the state of the apartment now.

2) Morningstar "veggie bacon" sucks ass. It looks like those Beggin' "bacon" doggy treats, and it doesn't taste like anything at all. Was very, very disappointed this morning. And each strip has 60 calories! For what? It looks and tastes like colored plastic! I thought someone said there was good veggie bacon out there? Did I get the wrong brand or are our tastes just varying? (I didn't eat what I made, and I'm throwing the rest out.)

3) As much as I hate to waste food, I finally threw out the last of the meat-based frozen dinners I had in the freezer. They're over seven months old at this point, so it's unlikely they're even good for giving away.

4) Have tomorrow off! YAY!

5) Lost a long, long (anime) post last night. IE crashed. I nearly screamed. Note to self: Need to make the anime recs post for Chia.

Hm, I forgot the other things I wanted to write about... I'm really, really low on food. All I ate today was an egg early this morning and a banana just now. Rather hungry.

Oh well, since I can't remember what else I wanted to post about, guess I'll go clean the cat box. (Blech.)

laurelwood's Sunday Six!
1. What have you given/thrown away that you wish now that you could have back?

I sold some Lion King statues (smaller ones, like a foot tall) on eBay, and I've been sorry about it ever since. I'm not into the movie anymore, but they were really quality art and I wish I had them bak.

2. If you had to live one of these lifestyles for a year, which one would you choose, and why?
(a) Amish
(b) Nomadic Bedouin
(c) Truck driver

Truck driver! I always thought that'd be a pretty cool thing to do. You'd get to be alone most of the time, you'd sit lots, and you could see so much of the country.

3. What are you proud of being able to make from scratch (cooking, sewing, woodworking, etc.) that most other people have to purchase from stores?

Cat food/baby food. I don't do it anymore, but our old cat was sick so I made handmade food for him. Boiled up a mess of chicken, added some veggies, then blended it all together. Came out like a paste, and he just loved it to death. No chemicals or anything added, so it'd probably make good baby food, too.

4. Name three things in your home that are broken/worn out and need to be replaced.

1) I wish they'd come and replace my darned garbage disposal! The dishwasher always backs up into the sink because of it. Grrr.

2) My doorknob is loose. I keep tightening it myself, but that's annoying.

3) The cause of #2: The carpet by the door is too "long" (high?), so the door is a pain in the ass to open. If my apartment ever catches fire, I'm going to burn to death. :/ (Cheery thought, no?)

5. What do you most often have unpleasant dreams about?

In the last half-year or so, my most common bad dream is about eating meat by mistake. Not like it's hidden in some other food, but that I'm really busy and starving, so I just eat what's at hand... only realizing after I'm done that it was meat. I had a nightmare the other night that I ate two hotdogs that way! Not to mention, I was in a room full of people at the time and they all saw me eating them, then they snickered and sneered about how much I cheated.

6. In three adjectives or fewer, describe your:

(a) voice - Cheerful, loud.
(b) handwriting - MESSY, illegible, M-E-S-S-Y.
(c) body type - Blech, fat, annoying.

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