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I eat oddly... (and general life-update)

Okay, I know me eating oddly isn't news to anyone, but this time I'm not talking about what I eat, but how I eat it. Since I ate almost nothing yesterday (an egg, a half banana, part of an apple) I was really hungry this morning, so I ventured out of the safety of my apartment and got breakfast. A lot of breakfast. I ate at 8, and it's now noon and I'm still full. I'll most likely be skipping dinner, too. While I know it's not a good way of eating, this is how I like to do it. Eating meals is a darned pain in the butt, so I'd rather just do it once and make it through the day that way.

My apartment is a Californian as much as I am: It's not made for the winds and storms that we're having today. So cold, so cold! I have the heat up to 72, but breezes are coming in from nearly every wall (I have the corner unit). My poor feetsies are freezing, even with socks and slippers on.

Boy, three day weekends are nice! This is the third night in a row I had 8 wonderful hours of nearly uninterrupted sleep. Very very nice.

Did I mention I got my taxes done? I e-filed, and just got notice this morning that both state and federal returns were accepted. Got about $700 back from federal and $48 from state (about the same I get back every year, give or take a couple dollars). While that sounds like a lot of money, I'm not jumping up and down in happiness -- it's already my money after all, I just gave the government too much earlier in the year. Still, it's better than having to give them *more*...

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but I'll enjoy today until then!
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