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*bounces around* Watched the end of HxH!

Nothing but anime in this post. Move along if it doesn't interest you! And anyone who hasn't seen this series yet should not look within the cut. Many spoilers!

HxH has SO moved to the very top of my favorite anime list! Arg! I just can't believe the series ended at 62. Why? Why? It's not like they just left a little of the story untold, most of it is still out there and waiting! Eee!

Man, I didn't much like Killua's brother (either of them), but his father and grandfather rock! And *purrrr*, once he lost that godawful fur-trimmed fuzzy jacket, the Spider boss was totally yummy. And the fight between him and the grandfather! Oh, I wanted to see so much more of that!

Since the Spider boss can steal abilities, think he took that daughter's (Neon?) power to make predictions? That'd be a cool twist.

And recall what I said about not getting any slashy feelings about anything in the series? Forget it. There something totally gay going on between Leorio and Kurapica there at the end, the thing with the phone call and them walking towards each other...

Man, I can't wait to watch the OVAs! And word is, the third one isn't too far from being released in subtitles! Woo!

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