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Help me, please... (A)

I am here posting because I forced myself to leave the site I was on before coming to LJ. I will not buy cels. No, I will not. Cels are so keen and so cool (and imagine! Owning part of the series you love!) and they're not even that expensive, but if I get one I won't be able to stop.

Wonderful, wonderful HxH cels out there! But I can't hit 'back' to get URLs to show you, because I'm not going back to those sites. *sniff* Only $30-$40 for a character without a background! Only $120 for a really nice one with a background!

...not really that much money, is it? But what would I *do* with a cel? Do you hang them on a wall? Keep them in a book? Strip naked and paste them to yourself and then do a happy dance? (You probably shouldn't answer that...)

*sniff* Won't buy one, resisting.

But they're so cool! And I could OWN one! *sniff*
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