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I know what I'm *not* buying my family for Christmas...

A post with something for everyone!

* I know most of you (especially the non-anime folks on my flist) probably think I've gone all crazy over Japan, but that's not true! Though I love anime, I fully recognize that they're can be a wacky, crack-smoking folk when it comes to sex-related issues. Today's example of that?

Special glasses which allow you to see "spermatozoons"! That's right, ever want to see little sperms swimming around? Well now's your chance!

Please don't buy me one...

* And a link for isiscolo! Clyde, never being one to miss an opportunity to make a point in the most dramatic way possible, quite visibly demonstrated how pleasant smelling the squid actually was. Although he vowed that he would regret it later, I was able to convince Clyde to provide a representative sense of scale for the giant squid by climbing up on the table and letting me take a picture of man and beast...

* Links for everyone! The Pirate Image Archive. Arrr!
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