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SF, flowers, walking

A site with lots of photos of same sex marriages up in SF. Sweet!

juliansinger alerted me to this yesterday: You can send flowers to a random couple waiting to be married! How cool is that? I called and called yesterday, but I couldn't get through to the listed flower shop. (I didn't want to use FTD or some other major chain, since it seems like they'd be less trustworthy. "Send flowers? To someone you don't even know and won't ever talk to to confirm they got them? Suuuuuure, we'll send them! Heh heh heh.") But they have a website and an email address listed! We can (and I will) order online! Yay!

Last: Walking. It went much, much better today. I enjoyed it, and while my leg hurt a little it wasn't too bad at all. Felt great when I was done. I'm glad my not-enjoying it last week seems to have been a one-time only thing.

Edit: Yay! Flowers away! These (not because they're on sale, but because they're pretty!).

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