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Arrrggg-gimme-gimme-gimme! (A)

Must have HxH OVA 3 now. Anyone reading this now has that as their assignment! Go out and find it for me, subbed, and bring it back to me. Oh, and accomplish this sometime tonight, please.

(Not asking much, am I?)

I love the "game" (ha, nice twist there, smart!) even more now. I wish they really had made a CCG out of this, as I lust after those cards. I don't like... what's her name, Biscuit? (however you spell it) much, but that's a minor thing. The idea of keeping a guy captured just so they could fight him totally made me drool. Mmm.

How will I wait until the next one comes out! All you people are evil, this is all your fault!


Edit: Oh, and nice butt shot there! Not important to the scene, total fanservice, woo!
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