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Raw chicken juice, anyone?

I made my kitty's chicken tonight, and while I'm careful when moving it from the package to the pot, tonight the yucky juices got out and onto the counter. I think you're supposed to clean things that raw chicken touched with... bleach? ammonia? Well, I had neither of those two, so I used Windex. I know at least a couple cooking-types read this. Does anyone know if Windex is strong enough to kill the bad things in raw chicken? And if not, how about if I just not use the counter for a while? Do the bad germs/bugs/whatever die in X days?

Boring, boring night tonight. Drove home like a little old lady (AIE! RAIN! The road is WET! So I actually drove under the speed limit, unlike most of the other idiots on the road). Got home and cooked chicken, opened mail. Got a package of those maple sugar candy things. This is the second time I've had them. They're good, but too sweet. Also got the stamps I ordered (woo), and a used DVD movie from a friend (first DVD movie I ever owned. I don't have a DVD player, just the PS2.).

I was telling someone on the MUSH tonight about my movie-watching habits: I haven't been to a movie in the theater since Ice Age six months ago (when my mother was here and she wanted to see that), and the time before that was around December 1999. I know movies are only 2-3 hours long, but I can't sit still that long and I can't justify spending that long /just/ sitting; if I watch a movie at home, at least I can do MUSH work or other work while it's on.

GMing tomorrow. I'm nervous, as usual. I GM all the time but I still worry beforehand. I actually have it more planned out than I usually do. For the last year or so, I've gone into GMing with only the vaguest ideas: Mostly just what brings the PCs into the scene, then a very rough idea of the big thing they'll do. Used to be I wanted to plan everything, potential endings, lots of things for them to do, but I'm really the opposite now. I just totally fly by the seat of my pants. Works well.

My new stamps are highly spiffy. Kwanzaa stamps. I know, I know, hardly fitting for me, but the colors are so bright and beautiful, I could use them year 'round. Here it is, only bigger:

Hmm, actually the colors in the real stamp are a lot better. The blue in the background is brighter and more vivid.

Wow, I think I hear thunder. I think I'll sleep well tonight. Rain = good sleep.

Guess I've babbled on enough for one night. I really enjoy writing in this, even if it was just for myself. That other people read it is a something I usually try not to think about (other than censoring myself on giving out personal details or too much work foo. Google has already indexed my journal, and I'd really rather not have my boss and co workers finding this.). If I think about people really reading this, I'd go 'Eek!' and not be able to write about anything.
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